Moving/Leaving Hobby Sale


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Hi all,

I'm going to be moving in November, and have chosen to sell some of my stuff. PM me if interested in anything. Pickup is in La Grange Park (60526) near Cermak and Maple Ave/17th Ave.

I'll be adding a few more things in the next day or two, and will try to add photos for those I'm missing.

PM for details or to buy. Thanks!


1. Mr. Aqua 25 gal rimless cube (standard glass). Pre-drilled with Glass Super Nano con Dientes overflow/return installed. $100.00.

2. Mr. Aqua 7.5 gal rimless cube, stock. $25.00

3. Bulk Reef Supply 5 Stage PLUS 75gpd RO/DI system. Includes tubing, sink adapter, wrench, misc fittings (no saddle valve). In great shape and still putting out 0tds water, but filters may need to be changed soon. $75.00

4. Bulk Reef Supply GFO/Carbon reactor. Comes with about 3/4 gal lignite carbon and 3/4 lb GFO. $25.00

Photo Coming Soon!

5. Aqueon 20gal long tank. Used 1 day as a transfer tank, so like new. $15.00

6. Marineland Maxi-Jet NJ1800 474gph submersible pump. $25.00

7. JBJ Nano Glo LED Refugium Light. Never used. $25.00



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4. Here's a photo of the BRS Carbon/GFO reactor & the media I'm including with it:

8. Tunze 9002 Nano DOC Skimmer, $50.00



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Thanks for the response, everyone. I've been going through the PMs in the order they came in, so I apologize if I haven't replied to yours yet.

As of now, everything's spoken for except:

1. 25gal Mr. Aqua rimless cube w/ glass overflow/return - $100
2. 20gal long tank - $15

Also, one new item:

Captive Purity Refractometer w/ case and 3/4 bottle calibration solution - $35:



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Hi all,

Thanks for the great responses. I still have a few items left, and I'm lowering the prices to try to move them out.

1. Mr Aqua 25gal rimless cube w/ glass overflow & return installed. Was $100, now $75.

2. Aqueon 20g long tank, like new. Was $15, now $10.

3. Refractometer & calibration solution. Was $35, now $25.

PM me if you're interested. Thanks!