Moving need to sell.


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I am moving soon and I need to sell my aqaurium. I have a 46 bow front (it has seen better days) with an oak stand. Coralife lunar aqualight, Thermometer, 2 maxijet 900 w/ hydor directional flow caps, gamma 8w uv steralizer w/ mini jet pump, eheim 2213, coralife dual digital power center, marineland timer. I think that is it for the hard ware, on to the goodies. 40 lbs marhall LR, a dozen or so tri-color hermits, mithrax crab, tiger tail cucumber, handful of turbot snails, crocea clam, candy coral, yellow headed goby, 3 blue green chromis, and a true percula. I would like to sell all of it at one time. I am thinking about 500.00 and I will throw in all the test kits and additives.


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i'll take all the corals and livestock except clown and chromis and also the cleaner crew and clam if you part this out.