Moving out/ free corals, anemone and live rock/ San Jose


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I'm tearing down my frag tank and and giving away all corals and live rock,
they have been under low lighting for the past couple of months, there is also a long tentacle anemone about 8" diameter, corals in tank include candy canes, green star polyp, pom pom xenia, kenya trees, green and purple mushrooms, torch coral, green zoas and an unknown acropora (got it from Robert at Neptune's) need every thing out of the tank by the weekend, we're moving from the apartment and with three toddlers at home I just have no time to maintain the tank any more, tank hasn't been maintain as it should, it has some cyano and bubble algae.

I'm located in San Jose
near Meridian and Branham Ln
Bring your own containers, first come first serve.
Thanks for looking!

PMs only


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