Moving out humid salty air


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OK... see the big sump on the right? It's open air, and I need to find some way to enclose it and vent it. Some of the stuff in the garage is starting to rust from the open vat of bubbling salt water and there's gotta be a better way! Directly above it there is nothing but open attic over the garage (thru the ceiling in the garage). I don't want to cut into the roof shingles, but I'm open to soffitt venting.

Any suggestions and drawings would be appreciated greatly!




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First I dont think its salty water thats being evaporated . . . . its only fresh water.

As for venting, if you don't want to cut the roof, you could cut a side wall and install a fan there.

Another option (depending on where your home's furnace is) would be to vent out through that exhaust system.


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It is not the evaporated water that causes a problem it is the salt spray. Putting a lid on your sump is a good start. It will help keep the humidity in the sump, not in the garage. Then you can vent the excess humidity however you want.