Moving Soon Selling SPS


So a few months ago I posted about moving to Columbus. It’s almost time and I’d like to cut back my colonies and sell current frags before the move. I am open to deals or offers on pieces. I’ll post pictures tomorrow when the lights come back on. Below is a list of what I have and I’ll also post a full tank pic. Let me know if you see something you like, theres almost nothing that I’m unwilling to cut or get rid of. Not sure what to price the colonies so leaving that up as an offer if you want it. Rough estimates on colony sizes. For frags there are many pieces, rough sizes and prices given. If you want to come take a look or a picture of something specific message me!

Unknown Birdsnest 6”x10”
Purple Stylo 4”x4”
Forest Fire Digi 4”x6”
Tyree Neon Green toadstool 10”x10”
Branching GSP 10”x8”

Frags or Cuts:
Neon Green Birdsnest 1”+ 10$
Sour Apple Birdsnest 2” 10$
Bird of Paradise 1”+ 15$
Purple Stylo 1” 10$
Forest Fire Monti 4” 20$
Bubblegum Monti 1-3” 20$
Tubs Stellata Monti 1-2” 20$
JF Slow Burn Monti 1”+ 20$
JF Gold Mister Chalice 1.5” 50$
Sunset Monti 1” 30$
Green Slimer 3” 10$
Blue Tip Stag 1-5” 10$+
Starry Night Acro 1-2” 20$
Unknown Blue Acro 1-3” 20$
Neon Highlighter Tenuis 1-2” 20$
Walt Disney Tenuis 1”+ 40$+ Depends on size
Homewrecker Tenuis 1.5” 3 Branch 150$
JF Fox Flame 1”+ 30$
Unknown Pink/Green Acro 1” 25$
Pink Lemonade 1” branch on a fully encrusted 1.5” plug 30$
Valentine Table Acro 1” 40$


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Some awesome prices. Unfortunately my tank is full up right now otherwise I’d be all over some of it


Here are pictures. I did get a close up of the home wrecker, a pic of the unknown Birdsnest colony and the tyree neon green toadstool. Everything else is just tank shots