Moving Tank


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I have a 40 gallon breeder that I removed live rock from to set up a new tank.

I am getting ready to move that breeder, which has a sump, Deltec HOB skimmer, live sand, and now a minimal amount of rock (tank has been up and running for 3-years).

If I add completely cured live rock (40 lbs) will I have any type of cycle on this tank? I will be moving the tank with live sand in tact and using the same sump and skimmer.


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There might be a mini-cycle depending on how long the rocks are out of water. Also, not disturbing the sand bed when moving the tank is key. Usually, I'd recommend removing the sand bed and either thoroughly rinsing or starting new. But a 40 gallon shouldn't be too heavy to carry with some sand and water in it.