Moving to Portland


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Hello all,

I have found myself a summer internship in Portland, and I will be moving into a house in mid-May. I will be downsizing my 100g to a 55g RR acrylic with a 20g sump. I would like to keep my corals, for the most part, but if anyone wants some live rock I will be parting with about 50-70 lbs. I'm not sure what I would want for it, yet, but I will figure it out. If you're interested, let me know. I also have tons of extra LS that I would sell or trade. I will be home beginning may 6th until may 11th or 12th. Anyone know the best way to transport my corals, LR, etc? Thanks


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The best way to transport live rocks is in styrol foam boxes lined with plastic garabge bags and with some water to keep it moist. If you dont have those type of boxes then the next best thing to use is rubber maid containers. Just make sure to line it with a bag so you can tie the bag to keep the rock nice and wet.


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Home Depot has all their rubber maids on sale right now. 4.00 for an 18 gallon. I got a bunch of 1gallons for $5 for 5.


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I just moved my tank and individually bagged all my corals. I then placed them in a syrofoam cooler. This will protect them from banging around and temp fluctuations. Do not try and scrape any mushrooms off before you bag them because there may still be toxins that will kill your corals. I lost 2 corals that way.