MP10s, EcoSmart, and Apex


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I am trying to configure my 2xMP10s to run the EcoSmart modes (TS, NTM) with my apex controller. When I put the main in either TS or NTM, I would expect them to behave as the manual says and the master go to purple and the slave to flash between white/orange/turquoise (sync, anti-sync, back).

That does not happen. Whichever mode the slave was in previously, that is the mode it remains in and never cycles as far as I can tell. Is this flashing a rapid thing, or are we talking every 10 minutes, every hour, or what?

Have any of you fine folks ever successfully done this with an APEX controller?

EcoTech Service

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Scott; in case you haven't already noticed it, we responded to your e-mail inquiry. For additional programming help, please be sure to contact us (or for WXM related inquries, Neptune Systems).