Mp40 / apex / WXM programming options


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Having seen a lot of Vortech programming posted here, I can tell you that what people do with them varies widely. I've seen simple setups running ReefCrest all day long except during feed cycles, all the way up to programming which changes modes hourly and has a timed sequence of different modes when coming out of a feed cycle.

The WXM manual has an example of using most of the various modes throughout the day.


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My Apex controller it's on the way including the WXM module for my 2 MP 40's for the most part I like using Reef crest but I like to mix it in with a couple of hours in Nutrient Export ,feeding mode and night time mode.


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I have a similar setup and have it set for reef crest for the day with 2 runs of the nutrient export mode 2 times during the day. 50% for the night. You will need to setup the profiles but the WXM has the modes already in there, just need to set the intensity and assign names to the profiles.

Nothing super fancy on mine - best to keep it simple

Fallback Nutrient
Set ReefCres
If Time 10:00 to 12:00 Then Nutrient
If Time 23:00 to 00:30 Then Nutrient
If Time 02:00 to 08:00 Then Night