MP40wES : Red/Green Error


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I purchased this MP40WeS from US and it has been working perfectly.

But when i reset my tank, had to remove the MP40EwS and both the magnets got stuck to each other without a preventive layer inbetween.

Installed it back into the tank, and it just turned on for a few seconds and then ithe controller is blinking Red and Green continuously.

I cleaned the Wet Side, and put it back in, turned on. But still same Error.

Did i do something wrong? what can be done to solve this.

I am not in the US. So shipping it back and forth is going to be an expensive proposition.

kindly help


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EcotechMarine Support website

My pump sometimes stalls and blinks red and green. How can I fix this problem?

EcoTech FAQ (Official Rep) 25 days ago
In some of the earlier versions of the MP40, the electronics detected false stalls. If you have an early version of the MP40, please contact our service department who will help to get this problem fixed. The electronics and software running on the MP40w and MP40wES have eliminated this false stall problem.

If you actually do get a stall error on any of the VorTech Propeller pumps, the first thing you want to do is unplug the power supply, either from the driver or the electrical outlet, and carefully remove the wetside from the tank. Check to see if the propeller spins at all with your fingers. If it doesn't, disassemble the wetside and check for any obstructions or problems associated with each of the parts. If everything checks out with the wetside, try running the dryside, BY ITSELF, to see if it runs as it should. If you run into the dryside getting the stall error, or if you find any issues with the wetside, contact EcoTech's service department and you will be assisted.

Contact EcotechMarine

Hope this helps!


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Mine is the Mp40wES so i went by the instructions...

removed the power cord, removed the wet side and dismantled it and tried moving the propeller - it didnt spin, but with just moved. i dont know how to disasemble the wet part totally... was able to remove only the protection cap.

And tested running the wetside by itself, and it did work properly without the red-green lighting...

EcoTech Service

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Here's a video showing assembly/disassembly of the MP40 wetside. Because the pump runs without error when the wetside is detached, that indicates that the issue is in fact isolated to the wetside. I would recommend soaking the wetside in a vinegar solution overnight to loosen any calcium or algae buildup, and double-checking to make sure that the propeller is spinning freely.