MR2 skimmer pump replacement.


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I'm running the recommended blueline HD 55 pressure pump for my MR2 skimmer. I want to switch to one of the Jebao DC pumps 6000 9000 or 12000 . From my local fish store, MRC, Jebao all 3 were recommended. Lmao. Please help me choose. Trouble deciding on which pump since its not pressure rated like the blueline?


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I dont think the jebao pumps a high pressure rated and wont work for these skimmers and you do need hp pumps to run becket skimmers


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I have a MR2. I contacted MRC in Georgia and they said that they have a couple customers that are using the Jebao DC 12000 with the MR3 with dual becketts, with good results. I just ordered a DC9000 and will be trying it on my MR2 single beckett. Will let you know how it works.