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Need a skimmer for my new build. 150G (6') with 45G (4')long sump. I ordered a new Jebao DC return pump. Was going to purchase on of the new Reef Octopus Diablo DC 200 skimmer, until I saw a My Reef Creations MRC-MR2 Beckett type skimmer for sale. Always heard they were excellent skimmers, as long as you don't mind the noise from the beckett injector, keeping them clean, and power hungry. I want to try to keep energy consumption down on this tank and that being the reason for going with DC return pump, and DC Skimmer. My question to the experienced minds on here IS.... The new DC pumps will not have a problem delivering the GPH flow needed for the MR2. BUT.. they are not a pressure rated pump such as the Blue Line 55 pressure rated 1750 GPH @ 12 Ft. that is suggested for this skimmer. From the flow curves I have seen on these new DC pumps they do not handle much head pressure at all. I can get this MR2 and Blue Line 55 for $250. Could sell the pump, and buy the DC Pump. Or spring for $600 for the RO Diablo. Any great minds on here know if those DC Pumps will drive that MR2 enough?


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I think that you are going to need a pump that matches the head height and flow of the approved pump. Someone much more versed in this should speak up.