Mucho reef's -Tank of the month...August!


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WOW... I don't know where to begin.... this tank is absolutely GORGEOUS! You should be very proud..... I would like to comment on the exceptional job you did with the aquscaping... I have yet to begin my first reef at the moment I'm busy getting my hands on every piece of information that I can!!! but I must say once I do begin I hope mine can someday look as marvelous as yours!!!! Just from the picture I would have guessed that your tank was much larger than a 70 gallon because it looks sooo pretty....and most tanks as beautiful as yours are at least 150 gallons.... so I think you've arranged it so nicely....

1. How many pounds of live rock do you have in this tank?
2. When you began building with the live rock...did it just come together that way or did you plan for while? and can you give me any advice on how to get that same ISLAND look that you have? The lef side of your tank remids me of a cavern because Of the way it is formed ..kind of a semi-circle and then theres a separate little "ISLAND to the right of is soooo natural looking....
3. I really like all the differet colors in your reef! can you give me any specific names of corals that you have ? Oh and is any of your live rock colored? (I have never seen a reef like yours.... everything is just so bright and colorful ..very very pretty.\
5> Lastly can you give me any othr tips!!!???

Thanks ...Megan
I wish you just as much luck in the future with your 180 gallon! I'm sure that will be breathtaking!
WOW your tank is awsome... You make me want Zoo's even more.... Soon I will have the lighting I need THEN to the Zoo's :).. Again great tank one of the best if ever seen especially like the aquascaping.
mucho's reef

mucho's reef

Wow!! In twelve years of reef keeping, I can honestly say that this is one of the most beautifully aquascaped tanks I've ever seen. Your specimens are marvelous!! I especially admire your determination to use what works for you...I just hate the way some reef keepers are so dogmatic with the way they maintain their own reefs...there are plenty of ways to reach the same end, and I applaud you for sticking to your guns and even more so, for endorsing the most crucial and overlooked element in our hobby: PATIENCE. Best of luck with the 180g, I'm sure you will do great.
Hello, wow, thank you all for the kind words. It means a lot. I've run out of things to say. I mean I'm glad everyone likes the tank but I just feel so vain in even saying. I hope you guys know what I mean. Not trying to be modest or anything, it's just that this is what I do and I just enjoy doing you know.

magister piscis, thank you, that really means a lot to me. I just believe in truly replicating their natural habitate. I have seen countless pictures of the ocean floor and I wanted this tank to mirror that enviroment. You won't belive this, but I just have a knack for aquascaping. Many have ask me to come over and aquascape their tank and I have refused each time with the exception of only once. I believe every system is personal. If I did it, then it becomes what I created. I think each reefer should aquascape their own system so the can have a since of accomplishment, that's all. I tell them this because I don't want to come off as being cocky or rude, which I'm not.

Sure some of the components are second rate, but this is a soft coral tank and over skimming is a very big mistake.


1. I have over 125 lbs or so I think, maybe more or maybe less. I lost count. You see, I break this system down completely every 3 years or so and I have added and removed so much rock that I can't remember. Each time I change the aquascape.

2. I give you my word, I never draw out anything, I just picture in my mind before I start what I want it to look like. Often I have stopped in the middle to of it all to run out to the fish store to buy just the right shape of rock to create the look I want. Somehow I can just visualize what it is I need and I just go and do it. I always begin 3 inches from the back and lay a foundation with large sturdy pieces that are push into the sand about 3 inches to anchor them. Never allow them to rest on the glass below. Just imagine what would happen if a pistol or mantis shrimp were in your tank and tried to borough a rock and fired at your glass. Yes, it has happen before. not to me, but I have read stories. I can't really advise you on how to do becasue I just do it. It's really weird I'm telling you. What I would say is the actually draw on some grid paper as if you were looking from the top down in your tank. Then just draw the outline of your reef. Purchase some very nice pourous yet large anchor rocks to create a line straight across the back of your reef and then do a second tract in front of that working towards the front. After you have the second tract completed, start building upwards. Do not stack your rock like blocks, but you should stagger them so they will lock into place so to speak. Build upwards until 1/3 from the top. Now start building towards the front. Fill in with your corals that will be visable. You are so correct regarding the cove, cavern and island affect. That is exactly what iIwanted to create. I 'm glad you noticed that. I just wanted it to be so natural and not man made looking. The fish seem to like it as well.

3. Not sure what you mean by the specific anmes though. I think they are listed in the actual thread. Most are Zooanthids, with lots of Ricordea, (Florida, Pacific and St. Thomas ), some Rhodactis and discos as well. 1 squamosa and 2 brains. All of the visable live rock is completely coraline encrusted/covered.

4. I am only good at growing shrooms and zoos. I can't tell you much about any of the rest of the corals out there. I just stick with what I know and try to learn all there is to know about them. If you can be more specific, I will share what I can. There is a vast wealth of knowledge here at RC. I would suggest that you tap into all of it. You will learn a lot. One suggestion I will give is to read, read, listen, read, listen and research. That's what I did.

Thanks again Megan, and thank all of you once again. God Bless.

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That is the best Tank of the Month IMO. My tank is only 8 weeks old and I'm going to try and follow your foot step. My wife is equally impressed. She wants to know what kind of camera did you use? Those pictures were totally awsome. Is there a special equipment / technique you use when taking those pictures?
Mucho - I have a question

Mucho - I have a question

I was reviewing your Beautiful tank photos when I noticed that your tank is missing the top center support between the front and back panes of glass. I myself would love to cut mine off my 65 gallon 36"x18"x24" tank, is that something I can do without endangering my tanks structure? Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.
Awsome tank!!!

I'm a softie chick myself, and am glad to see a softie tank!!!

like the others, I'm gonna say the colors are amazing, and you should be very proud!!!!

hehe, and nice line about being single... your just trying to find a woman that'll LET you play with the tanks, aren't ya?
As a single man (hint, hint), I have to settle for just loving my reef tank and nurturing her with TLC. If the bottom falls out and I loose all that I own, it won't be hard to spot me in a crowd. I'll be the guy pushing a shopping cart with a reef tank on top and a prop tank on the bottom.


Holy is hard to speak right now I am
ruddy speechless that tank is so darn gorgeous! You make
me darn near wanna GIVE UP!!! hehehehe is , without a doubt, the most gorgeous tank I have
ever seen....

EASY QUICK QUESTIONS (as I know you will have millions)


Thanks very much for having such an impecable
gives myself and others something to strive towards I am sure....

Total hats off to you...I am so is so impecable!

If you could answer those 3 questions that would be nice,
Thanks again,
Hello Nukeproof, thanks for the kind words. I used a Sony Cyber Shot Dsc f707 5.0 MP Digital camera. I used a tripod for the full tank shots and I pressed the lens againt the glass for the macro shots. On some, I shot straight down from the top through the water.

Dvjanes, I 'm just a lucky reefer and I wouldn't want to make a call on something structural. My tank is old and it didn't have the center bracing when I purchased it. I would consult someone more knowledgeable about it. I would call any one of the glass tank makers and ask them about removing the center brace.Take care.

Thanks Lilswanwillow

Thanks Sohoal,

1. been in the hobby about 8 or 9 years. I lost count.

2. There is no secret really. I tell everyone that. I've been collecting zoos for many many years that's all. There is nothing that I have done that is great other than just exercising some patiences.

3. Oh, yes, I have a day job. I have to be able to pay for that old Mucho reef, LOL.

Thanks again everyone

1. I have over 125 lbs or so I think, maybe more or maybe less. I lost count. You see, I break this system down completely every 3 years or so and I have added and removed so much rock that I can't remember. Each time I change the aquascape.
Hey Mucho Reef!
Awesome tank! Got a couple questions for ya based on what you replied above. When you say you break down your tank every 3 years or so, how much do you actually break down? Do you remove all the rocks and, therefore, all the zoos? How about the sand? Do you start all over again from scratch?

And why do you break down the tank every few years?

Finally how do you keep that sand looking sooooo white and clean looking!

Thanks for sharing your tank with us all! It really is beautiful and an inspiration!