Multibarred Angel (Multifasciatus angel)


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I just brought home a beautiful ~3" multibarred (multifasciatus) angel for my 90 gallon FOWLR that is mostly inhabited by fairy wrasses.

There is not a lot of info on this species, other than being reported as difficult.

What are people's experiences with this fish? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.


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My experience with the Multi-barred angel is about the same as all of the info. that you have read. Mine lasted 3 months and then just died for no apparent reason. I actually got the fish to eat a varied diet, and yet it passed away. They along with there cousin the Venustus angel's diet consists of mostly sponges. Beautiful fish, just impossible to keep long term.


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I've never personally owned one but working in the fish trade I've quarantined and handled more than my share of specimens. They do not take to captive life well and are amoung the least hardy angles.

they are incredibly shy and are easily spooked. The first few weeks are the hardest because they tend hide and refuse food. I would not have added it directly to a display tank. I would have kept it in a quarantine tank alone with more subdued lighting and have fed it heavily and have given it the full run of treatments for parasites, prazipro and the like.

I would always closely watch the health of these fish and would add rocks with sponges and the like periodically. There is no set method to keep these fish long term but your odds are better with a larger reef tank with lots of areas to graze on.


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My multi-barred was Qt'd in an established tank by itself for over a month and eating prior to going into the display. These are fish that are just not suitable for captivity. Its a shame because they are a beautiful fish. I am curious to hear from someone that has kept one longer than 6 months.


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I've had my multi for about 2 years now. I bought it as a pair and the male just never accepted captivity. He lasted about 6 month's. Afetr being in QT and eating everything he never adapted to being put into the display. He managed to clean the dsiplay tank of all the sponge and never accepted prepared foods.

My girl had a trio for probably close to a year now and one day one of the females was not accepted by the pair anymore. I took the smaller female and tried to introduce her to my female. No luck as she was beaten to death in a day.

They can be kept. Collection locale has alot to do with being lucky. My girl has been bullet proof.


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These are one of the species Frank Baensch spawned and sold the offspring off of, so clearlythey can be mainained in captivity. I'd be curious as to how hardy the F1's are. Certainly not an easy fish tho'.


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I had one for about a year. I had some rock collapse rescaping and killed it. It was eating very well. He was with a flameback angel and they did well together.
For some reason sponges thrive in my tank. I need another fish to munch on it. :( I have not seen them locally yet. When i do i might try another.

They do have a low survival rate. Getting one thats eating is about 1 10.


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I've wanted one, but after all the reading I've done, I will wait for a captive raised specimen. I wish you luck with the fish, though it is always better to do your research and ask your questions before and not after.