Multiple Halichoeres Wrasse Together?


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Hey guys,
I was wondering if it would I could add a halichoeres wrasse (preferably a melanurus, or radiant), or even a leopard wrasse to my 100 gallon fowlr, which already has an ornate wrasse. My current wrasse is a halichoeres, but it is not the christmas wrasse, it is known as an ornate, and he is a bit feisty towards new additions. I also have a small sixline, but he is generally peaceful towards new fish. Does anyone have any experience with this?
Thank you

Ornate Wrasse
Sixline Wrasse
Yellow Tail Damsel
Ocellaris Clownfish
Fiji Green Chromis


One of each species should be fine. Think that’s what he says. He generally discourages pairing wrasses or keeping harems of them as they’re likely going to all turn male in an aquarium. So he says one of each specimen, best added together or without too large of a gap.