Multiple Mantis's in a 12 gallon?


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Is this possible? I was just wondering because I have a single G. Smithii and was wondering if I could perhaps add another mantis in there with him. There are MANY caves in the tank with the new setup I created a few days ago and so I was thinking that since I have more caves that I could have maybe 2 mantis's in the tank without a problem. I'm still scared about the space issue however. Its just that the tank looks so lonely with just a single mantis:( . I know that some people keep corals with thier mantis's and make it a mantis reef but I'd like to stay away from this if possible. Any suggestions?
Generally, I would not recommend it. However, if you really want to go this route, there are two options. The first is to put in another G. smithii that is about the same size and which is the opposite sex. This is a very promiscuous species and they may settle down and not fight. You still have to worry about molts, but it might work.

The second option is to get a small species that rarely forages away from its burrow. If there are small cavities that the G. smithii can't enter, the small animal may be fine.

I don't know what size your G.s. is, but assuming it is an adult around 6 cm, I would get a small Haptosquilla or something similar around 3 cm. You do not want an animal that forages around the tank.

Thanks Dr. Caldwell,

I hope you realize what an asset you are to this forum. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the species you mentioned. I may rearange the rocks a bit also because the caves I made are generally large (I was hoping for a larger specimen).


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I kept three mantises in a 10-gallon,a 4" G. chiragra,a 2.75" N.
wennerae,and a 1.5"blue daggers mantis.Now there is only two mantises.The chiragra dug sand on top of the blue dagger's house so it couldn't get out and it died.