Multiple Morays as Tankmates (No Fish)


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I'm looking for comments about an immanent new tank setup with mostly durophagus (non-piscivorous) same-sized and likely-compatible moray eels together (3 each) in a pair of 72"x24"x30" 225G tanks/systems with sump, protein skimmer, and reef filtration, etc.

Stocking list includes:
Chainlink Moray (Echidna Catenata)
Snowflake Moray (Echidna Nebulosa)
Freckled Moray (Echidna Nocturna)
Banded Moray (Echidna Polyzona)
Skeletor Moray (Echidna Xanthospilos)
Zebra Moray (Gymnomuraena Zebra)

Tankscape will include plenty of rock for caves, along with several large dead coral decor pieces; all of which can be removed from the tank in attached sections. Even though these are all durophagus species, I don't have any plans to include any fish as tankmates. I'd like feedback on which eels to pair as the two trios in the two tanks.

Joining this tank will be a succession of additional 225G group and species tanks to each house an eventual large number of individual moray eels from the piscivorous families, all surrounding several large FOWLR tanks and a large reef tank in a 3000sq/ft basement devoted solely to marine aquaria.

Are there any comments or suggestions about other compatible moray eel tankmates from the other moray eel families? I don't want to include a Golden Dwarf Moray because it's such a small species. A pair of GDM will go in the reef tank.

Thanks in advance for reading and/or commenting.
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