multiple rabbitfish in my 200?


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200 gallon setup - 7'x2'x2'

I currently have a scribbled rabbit and might be looking to add a gold spotted rabbit. Searched and couldn't find much on keeping multiple rabbitfish in a tank. Is this something I could do with much success?

Other occupants:
15-20 green chromis
pair skunk clowns
D-Sailfin Tang
Orange Shoulder Tang
Purple Firefish

Thanks in advance


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everything i have read says not to put two in them in the same tank. but you never know. hopefully someone on here has some experience with two of them together. By the way great fish! Very underated fish too.
yes pack em in there I know several people that have 4 or more in their tanks. But be careful of the gold spot the one I had mowed down all my polyps and have witnessed another one grub down on an acro colony


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Thanks -

I have seen 4 foxfaces schooling in a 240 at a LFS so I thought it was possible. My fish guy just called and left me a message that he had a gold spotted rabbit fish that I should come take a look at, so I wanted to know if it was a possiblity.

I don't keep much in terms of corals. Got an open brain, bubble coral, and getting a closed brain and some mushrooms so these guys should be fine.


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Have that same tank and had those same 2 fish. They grow fast and your 210 will likely be only a temporary home. They should get along fine.

Mine only lasted 6 months, grew 3 inches and had to move on to bigger tanks.

The Gold Spot that I had was a known clam nipper/eater.