Mushroom removal

"Umm fish?"

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I just found that a small mushroom polyp has taken up residence in the middle of my tubipora musica. Sigh. Any ideas about how to get it out of there? My first attempt with my fingers wound up with a happy, though retracted, mushroom and a couple of broken pipes on the pipe organ (they're so delicate). What do you think will make that mushroom want to let go? I might be able to get something sharp down to the bottom of the mushroom's foot (maybe). Hmm.




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If you do cut it or snip it, scrape the rock and make sure you get all of it, if you don't, it will grow back.

"Umm fish?"

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Exactly. If there is a technique to get it to let go, that's what I need. I guess they don't really act like anemones though, do they?

"Umm fish?"

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I believe my LFS guy has the answer. He says that I should kalk the mushroom (just like an aiptasia) and melt it on out of there.


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I'm always reluctant to kill something that I put in my tank or that was spawned by something I put in my tank.

But it will probably work.



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I wouldn't use kalk if you value the coral. The extreme pH in close prox to the coral could kill it. I'd use something narrow and stiff (the loop end of a long sewing needle?) to reach in there and just scramble it up.

Another option might be better. Any ranch supply store will have large syringes dirt cheap. I got two 60ml syringes for my 2-part Ca/Alk for just a couple of bucks. Get the one with the largest diameter needle you can find that will fit down in there and literally suck it out in pieces.