Mushroom Rock Help/Advice


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I recently purchased two mushroom rocks from a local petco. One of the two is doing significantly better than the other; but I was hoping for assistance with the lesser of the two. It is out of direct lighting and the quality of the water is "excellent," so said the Petco representative.
Thank you~

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Those look to me like regular mushrooms IMO. Mushrooms are very hardy. I would not suggest keeping them out of the direct light infact I would advise against keeping them out of direct light. Good lighting and medium to low flow will probably make them alot happier. Good luck and keep us updated.
Your water might be "excellent" but that is not always correct. Some people know what they are talking about while others just say whatever, only sure way is to either watch them test it or do it yourself.

Second, mushrooms can shrink up like yours... the ones in the direct sunlight because they are getting more then they need. This is normal, overtime they will get use to it, but if u want to see them open wide then place them away or indirect of sunlight.