My 12G Aquapod Log

Keith P

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Hey everyone. I'm new to SW. I figured posting a mini log here would help me share what I'm doing and give everyone the chance to catch my mistakes. Here goes....

I'm starting with a used Aquapod 12 gallon tank. It came with OLD bulbs, no pump, and no return lines.

Here is day 1.

Added a Mini-Jet 606, 12 lbs of rock and 20 lbs of live sand. This is how it sat for 2 weeks.


A little rearranging


I added the usual clean up crew. Some snails and hermit crabs. I really like the star snail and orange cat’s eye snail. I had 2 HUGE nassarius snails that I traded for 4 littler ones...
My buddy gave me a paly frag and a star polyp frag. I quickly glued them in place.


Here is a more current shot with new bulbs installed (which were a night and day difference), MJ-900 pump, Mini Jet 606 with a hydor flo (on a bulk head drilled into the back wall). I added a few more lbs of live rock. The new rock came with a ton of aiptasia on it. I got a peppermint shrimp to battle it. After all the aiptasia was gone, the shrimp continued to nibble on my purple mushroom. I’m glad he decided it was not food and has since left it alone.




I now added a True Perc (my first marine/reef fish!!) and a few zoa frags.



The Zoa frags I got were off of a larger piece of branch rock. The polyps are all around the frags. Should I glue it so it comes out of the main rock like a branch, lay it down (with some of the polyps face down), or try to cut the rock to “unfold” it and expose all the polyps? Please advise!
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cool deal. i like the rock work you got going on there. my AP12 just finished its cycle and i'm adding CUC today. wOot!


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Nice to hear that thin crust keep me posted !

Nice rock work, I like the clown he might get a little big, but he should be fine. You can check out my 12g on I couldn't resist ( aquapod 12 build) on the nano reef forum. Good Luck

Purple Penguins

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love the true perc, she will be fine in the 12g tank, but I wouldnt recomend much more for fish, due to tank size, she will get a max size of 3.5" (I refer to your clown as a she because since the clown is alone it will more than likely become a female)

tank looks good

Keith P

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Well it's been another few weeks. I happy to report everything is basically alive (minus a few snails).

Added a few more small things. Most of which are hand me downs..

I love this little emerald crab. Too bad he hides a lot.

Can any one identify this? The came on a rock. It started out as a booger 6 weeks ago.


Keith P

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Thats what I thought at first too. My peppermint shrimp ate ALL the aipstasia in my tank (I had a LOT). This is wider in diameter, has much shorter "tentacles", and has not reproduced yet.

Keith P

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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=11797353#post11797353 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by ASU-Reefing
Looks great what kind of lights are you running now?

Thanks! They are the stock 27watt 50/50 bulbs. It seems like they are brighter in the middle and on the right.

When these bulbs die I'm either going to upgrade to a longer PC or go topless with a MH.