my 20 long


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The tank is 13 months old.



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-HOB fuge
-4x 24 watt t5 fixture. Sundial
-#1 and nano koralia's
-Reefkeeper light (all it does at the moment is turn off the powerheads, and keep the heater in check), I will have it controll the fuge light scheduel and turn off the lights if the tank overheats.
-no skimmer


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I'll do my best.

1 Flameback angel. Reef safe
1 Rainford goby
3 sexy shrimp
1 pom pom crab
Florida rics
maxima clam
Easy Sps


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Does your hob fuge run the entire length of the tank? It looks like there is an outlet on the left side.

The fuge is about 24 inches wide, and the tank is 30. It is a 4.5 gallon aquafuge. I would not recomend getting one because they put a ton of bubbles in your tank. I had to change the plubming to stop the bubbles. Another solution is to cut the flow, but then your fuge has no current. The outlet is on the left side, and I have the pump in an overflow box on the right.

About how much live rock is in your tank?
I have no idea, but if I had to guess I would say between 30 and 40 lbs.

So the flameback is reef safe? I thought they picked on clams.

Can you show some pictures of your hob?

I have had the flameback for about 9 months, and it has been reef safe so far. I just got the clam, and it has left it alone so far.
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here is the best picture of my fuge I can get. It has a small crack in it from shipping that I siliconed and put a clamp on.