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Ok so I just had ACL reconstruction a week ago and I bored as heck layin around all day so I decided to finally start a thread for my 20g M-tank. It has been set up for about a year now, and I try to put as little money into it as possible (I'm gonna be a freshman in college and no job). This is my 4th reef tank, but the only one I currently have set up. I originally planned for it to be a mini-FOWLR because I didn't want to spend too much on corals, but I started adding some corals slowly over time, but it's still not very full.

The equipment is an acrylic 20g M-tank with a 70w MH DIY fixture (10k Ushio bulb) and a bakpak-style skimmer(ditched the stock skimmer). I have a little coralife moonlight, although it doesn't work as well as I want it to. In the sump, I just run some chemipure and poly-filter. I have 22lbs LS and 18lbs Kalina(Sp?) Island LR

Here's a list of the main inhabitants:


1. Six-line Wrasse
2. Neon Cleaner Gobie
3. YWG(Now Tiger YWG lol)/Tiger Pistol
4. Peppermint Shrimp
5. Emerald Crab-x2
6. Yellow Cucumber-x2
7. Harlequin Shrimp
8. Urchin- Anyone have an ID?
9. Snails and Hermits- Blueleg, Scarlet, astrea, cerith
10. Porcelein Anemone Crab


1. Huge Leather-ID anyone?
2. Xenia Forest-
3. Single Green Mushroom
4. Candy Coral
5. Star polyps
6. Kenya tree
7. Small Zoa frag
8. Tiny 4 head super neon green galaxia
9. One single yellow polyp

Now for the Pics, although I warn you, I'm horrible with the camera and they don't show the aquascaping very well and the color is a lot more yellow in the pics.


FTS w/ Flash

Side View


Six-line, Yellow Cucumber, recovering star polyp frag, and top of kenya tree

Candy Coral w/ Urchin in the background

Gobie/Pistol Pair

Finally, A pick of my YWG. When I got him he was bright yellow, and then as soon as he got with the Tiger pistol he turned into a dull yellow w/ dark grey "tiger" stripes.

That's about it. I'll keep udating this thread, so please let me know what you think and if you could ID my leather and/or urchin that would be great! Thank you
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Me too. Idk what's wrong I hosted my pictures through flickr and it accepted them. Anyone know the problem?