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Thanks, I use the aquaclear mainly for water movement and occassionally run some carbon for a little extra cleaning. I have considered the fuge mod, just havent done it yet.

Yeah, it is pretty huge. It is probbably my favorite piece. I got it (as with most things in my tanks) as a frag, it was a little flat piece (about an inch in diameter) that I set on top of a rock. thanks

Its an anemone. Never really had an exact i.d. on what type, but I bought it over 4 years ago at a lfs for $6. I still probably get the most comments on it then anything else in my tank. Ive always loved anemones, but hated the whole factor of them moving around. When I bought this one I put it in the dimple in that rock and its never moved since.

looks very nice... the only thing i would do different would be to put a black background. you can get em at the LFS and would probably cost $10. it would hide your equipment from being viewable through the back and it would darken it up so that your coral's colors POP.

That open brain is fantastic! looks really great in the cavern it's sitting in.
Thank you. I have been meaning to do the background thing. I would really like to paint the backs of the tanks, but they have been set up for a while and, well you know what kinda pain in the *** it would be to tare it down for that. Ive never liked the backgrounds you put on the back because I always end up getting drips behind it and it looks ****ty, although I suppose it would look better then seeing ym equipment. I have toyd with the idea of a sheet of black acrylic behind so I can just pull it out and clean it.

hrm - never had drips get behind mine. i did tape it down very tightly though :)

the acrylic thing sounds pretty cool, but would definitely be a bit pricy.
You know, now that I think about it when I used to tape a background on (I used to have the blue that faded from lighter to darker) I only put a few pieces of tape on the sides, If I taped the entire perimeter it would probably be fine.

Yeah, that was a bit tricky. They are side-by-side running from the front to the back. They actually stick out the back a little, I actually got the quads for a 40 long I used to have and have just stuck with them.