My 30 gallon nanoreef


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Figured I should post some pics of my work in progress, the tank is still very young having been put up on Oct 1. Should be fun to watch this grow in and see what colonies I decide to keep, etc. A quick thanks to Aquarium Solutions, Aquatic Dreams, and Advanced Aquarium and Terrarium, all three have been significant sources of the equipment, livestock, and maintenance items. Also, a quick thanks to BrandyB who supplied several of the frags.

As for details, it is a standard 30 gal, 36" in length. Lighting is one 250w 14k Phoenix metal halide with PFO ballast. There is a refugium full of chaeto underneath with an AquaC Urchin skimmer. The return is a Rio 2100 (I know) with further circulation provided by a Koralia 1 and a maxijet 1200 with a hydor rotator. Chemical filtration consists of a pura pad and activated carbon that is changed as needed. Water changes are 10% per week, systemic volume is about 45 gallons. About 35 pounds of liverock between the main display and refugium.

Anyway, on to the pics! I apologize for the pic quality, this camera has zero macro capability so anything closer than arms length is difficult to capture.

Wide angle shot

Tricolor Acro and T. Maxima

Same T. Maxima from above

Favites, Fungia, and Purple Firefish

T Derasa on substrate

Green Target (possibly Eagle Eye?) Zoos

Blastomussa and Trachyphyllia

Just the Blastos

Anyway, it will be fun to see how this all changes over the next few months. I'm hoping to pull out a few pieces I haven't liked as well and replace them with some rarer pieces I'm searching for such as sunset montipora and red planet acropora.

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Looks great, click on my gallery to see my 30 Long.

Really nice color too!


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cool tank bri, sometime I would like to do a similar rock layout, two high banks on either side of a central valley. I actually tried it with the rock I had but couldn't get one that looked good. However, I am very happy with how well the "A" shape has been working for me.


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Nice looking tank you have there. On the 6th picture ( eagle eye zoas) there's a worm down at the right corner. It looks a lot like a bristle-fireworm, but I can be wrong. Keep an eye on him, cuz they can destroy softies in the matter of hours. Just a thought, tank looks great.