My 535 is for Sale


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This is the perfect large tank!!

Measurements are 96" Long X 40" Deep X 32" High.

There are 7, 1 1/2" holes drilled in the back panel. 2 are in the middle of the panel and used as intakes for a closed loop. The rest are 1 1/2" down from the top used for drains and returns.

Tank was custum built by ATM to my specs, made with 1" panels and 3/4" top and bottom, and is 1 1/2 years old.

Due to poor husbandry, and lack of time, the tank has gone through a series of hair algea outbreaks. I lost a lot of nice corals and have lost interest in this tank.

The tank is in great condition, however the front panel does have a lot of fine scratches. This was from scraping coraline algea.

To view pics go here.

The stand I built for another tank that was 8" deeper and then used for this tank. It can go with the tank if wanted. The canopy I also built and was done poorly and falling apart.

Bulkhead fittings are included, but no other equipment.

The tank new was $2700.00, not including shipping.

Asking $1800.00 OBO. Pick up only. Located in Northern NJ

To see the true beauty of this tank, check my home page to see a photo of it when it was in its glory!!!