My 6 month battle with Ostreopsis dinoflagellates....over


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About 9 months ago I made some pretty big changes to my reef tank. (I wanted to take a stab at SPS). So I decided to convert half of my sump into a refugium and ordered a smaller skimmer. The reason for doing that was I wanted the refugium to naturally feed my SPS. At first the macro wasn't growing because the system was too clean so I pulled my bio-pellet reactor. I then removed all of my pulsing xenia and sold it off. Then things went very wrong....Ostreopsis Dinoflagellates slowly and then rapidly formed and grew and became worse and worse. I started reading and reading and found so many things to try. I tried them all and spent a ton of money and lost a lot of corals, fish, and snails. (some snails I had for over 5 years). 5 weeks ago I was pretty much going to empty the tank and let it dry out and go freshwater planted. I stumbled across one last article in a random web page stating to try a ich natural medicine and to add some bacteria colonies. The medicines were cheap so I decided to try one last time. So I did a 7 day blackout and dosed Dr. Tim's waste away, Dr. Tim's Refresh. I could still see remnants of dino's not completely dead or gone. After the blackout I began dosing Kordon's Ich Attack twice a day. This is what changed it for me. I could immediately see the globs of dino's turning brown and dissolving away.

I am now the longest I have been without dino's in the last nine months. I am three weeks clean. I am not saying I found a miracle cure but this worked for me. I am now only running a UV light in my overflow, a skimmer, and my refugium for filtration.


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