My 80g sps tank !


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Hi ,,,

I have 80g sps reef tank , all my sps corals doing fine , im using now Kalkwasser in top off , do you think im real need calcium reactor , do you think my tank will become better if i use calcium reactor ?

thanks ,,,,
IMHO the calcium reactor is for automation, I dose 2 part twice a day to keep my params in line. Eventually I will get a calcium reactor to be more lazy...or a grotech system and keep using 2 part and more following the balling method.

What are your current Ca and Alk parameters? Are you having issues with maintaining normal levels?

Personally, I stopped using a Ca reactor move than a year ago. I now use Randy's Two Part and it has worked out much better. My Ph was more stable and I don't have to worry about the extra Po4 coming from the reactor media.

Here is the link to Randy's two Part:
I just run kalk with my 55 with an additional 2 part if needed. Sonny are you still using your kalk at all.