My 90G Lighting if finally finished :-) with pictures


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Well I've finally finished putting together and staining and drilling fan holes, thanks very much to Tom for letting me borrow those hole drills, was a real treat drilling all those holes I had a headache from all the noise and vibrations and jazz. Anyway the canopy is finally done.
Front Shot

Back Shot, I'm going to put some eggcrate on the back to keep my slinky in but figured I'd get the pictures first, I think I'll get some penny nails or something to hold the egg crate in

Side Shot, look at my pretty pain in the fan hole

Inside shot of one side (the other side looks the same I promise :))

Just another side shot to back up my promise ;)


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looks like you have to be an electrician to do that! Looks great though. I wish I had that type of light. I am living with my 192 watts of PC.


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The lighting really is quite easy to do, the icecap 660 basically has a blue print on the top of it that spells out all that jazz and the MH is as simple as connect black to white white to green... just playing, but really its just black cord to black cord white to white and wire nut the green *shrug*. Hardest part was stripping the damn icecap wires, damn things kept snipping off.


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they have automated wire strippers for that very reason. soild strand wire can be brittle. next time you are doing wiring check your local hardware store and then it well be a total breeze


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I had some wire stripping tool but oh well not like I go stripping wires often so no need for any fancy stuff, after the third strand I kinda got the hang of it.