My anemonie got sucked into a power head.....


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I got three RBTAs from a fellow reefers with 2 maroon clowns all paired up together. The three RBTAs were all close together for weeks until yesterday....then one decided to move. In 4 hours I find him sucked into a powerhead and could not get him out. I popped open the cover and tried again. No good. I finally just took the cover that he was stuck in and put it on the sand figuring I would dig it out and toss the body after work. Come home and not only is he not dead, but hes moved to a spot on the rock and the clowns have found him and hes looking pretty good. Will try feeding next. Now they are running back and forth between the other 2 and him. Man am I amazed and relieved.

Now, what can I do? The power head is the kind that is square and has a "bubble grill" for an intake. I dont see a very good way to keep them out of it in the future without wrapping the whole thing in something. Any suggestions?