my anenome is being an enemy.


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How do I get my bubble tip to stay put. I just got it today, and I tried to box it in with a bunch of live rock to prevent is from moving about the tank. Well a few hours later it escaped the rock and went in between my reef wall and is seeming to come out of the wall . Thank god it did not go all the way to the back of the tank or I would be dismantaling the whole reef wall as we speak. But anyway how do i help it choose a spot. Should I reduce my flow. I have yet to turn on my tank lights over where it is, to allow it to adjust first. Been in the tank about 5hours now.


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Turn your flow off for a bit, and then turn it on, but way down---let it calm down and then get a notion where the currents run, but not get blasted by them. Anemone-settling is an artform. They never go where you want them, but you can possibly get them to go where they're tolerable. It may not like the lighting, either.


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It takes time, let it do its thing for a while. Even after it fine a spot, it may keep moving around for a better spot. They seem like they can't make up their mind.


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An anemone is going to go where it wants. You just as well wrap your ming around that. Something that worked for me, I bought a small RBTA and placed him in a ring cut from PVC:


This worked for about a month until he outgrew his space and got acclimated to the light. He then moved up the rock closer to the light.

Good luck