My Aquapod 24


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I finally got things settled down after moving from Lafayette to Muncie last month, (2 hours away) and finally took some quick pics of my tank. Enjoy and please post some comments about my tank. I am running the PC's, with the stock pump and only one fan in the hood. My temps stay around 81 during the day and drop to 79 at night. I just added the frag of zoo's and the star polyps last night.










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I forgot to mention the inhabitants of the tank. Currently residing in the tank are 3 bumblebee snails, 3 certh snails, 2 red legged hermit crabs, a ton of bristleworms, and small featherdusters. Last night I found some huge worm like creature with 4 antennae coming off of its head burried in the sand. Need to get a picture of it so I can ID it.


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Hi, I am new to the hobby and just purchased an Aquapod 24. I am having trouble keeping the temps down with the lid closed. It climbs to 84 while the lights are on. I have added another fan, but that didnt help much. Did you do anything special to yours to keep the temps down?

BTW yours is beautiful!!

Thanks for you help.


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FishHick, what I did was set the tank up and left the lights off for a whole day, with only the pump running. After a full day, I ran the lights for the normal light cycle of 10 hours. I was running warm when I was running a 12 hour light cycle. Plus the room temp is kept around 78 degrees, and a little cooler with the windows open in the dusk hours of the day.