My Bta split into 3 after black out.


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Black out as in I left the lights off for about 2 days and a shorted period for the following days. Algae thing. Well it's a 10"bta in a 12g setup with 2 clowns. I have been keeping it really happy yummy food(seafood mix) and random flow. Now I'v heard of these guys splitting in 2 but into 3!? Also I'm not sure why it decided to do it under the black out.. Denfensive reproduction? I'll try to take a picture and post it when I can.

The funny thing is with the pair of clowns, the female keeps the male out of the OG bta. But now with the splits, they now have his and hers and an extra for a... baby?;)


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mine split into three. its rare, and usually happens to really large btas. a guy here had a 16 inch+ bta that split three ways as well.

All of mine survived. it was about 14 inches b4 the split. that was in september of last yr. its about 12 inches agian now (i only kept one)

heres a few pics. good luck with them! a water change will help them heal faster. no feeding for about a week or two, they need to grow new mouths

b4 it split

during split

after splits

my clowns laid eggs for theyre first time ever yesterday! cant wait to raise some!


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i have heard of this happening after massive water changes and such.. lucky you...


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lucky me?? I was looking for a new home for the one I had.. Now I need 3 new homes.... Well, I guess I can just through them in the 90 and see if they kill evrything in there..