My bubble coral is vommiting!


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My bubble coral which I have had for a couple days now looks like it is doing graet, however ever once in a while a part of it closes up - opens its mouth and releases a stringy redish - maroonish material. They are not feeding tenticales as it is actualy released into the water - what is that? Is my coral sick? another thought is I do use red cycloeeze to feed my fish - think it has anything to do with it? thanks!
Sounds like it's releasing zooxanthellae. Even healthy corals will purge zooxanthellae from time to time, but if you see the bubble continuing to 'vomit' for more than a short time, it may be stressed. Is it exposed to different lighting than it was at the LFS? If it was under PCs and you're using MH, for example, that would be enough to cause bleaching.
i had a bubble for 10 years that did this at least once a month, its just expelling waste. nothing to worry about.