My DIY skimmer (final version)


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I finally got around to building the final version of my DIY skimmer this weekend. It turned out real nice. I used a piece of clear 6 inch acrylic pipe that i picked up from a friend. I still have the 2 inch PVC running from the overflow into the skimmer. This time i entered from the bottom of the skimmer instead of the top. This has made it to where the sump water level doesn't effect the skimmers adjustment. I found that a cheap 99 cent cereal bowl from wal-mart fits the hole in the pipe exactly lol. That solved the dome top issue that has held me up this long, and the kids get new cereal bowls lol. A win win situation. Now there is no place for the bubbles to gather before going up the riser. I am running it with an MJ 1200 for a recirc pump. I may need to increase this over time, to either a bigger pump, or add another MJ 1200 due to the increased inner space. So far it is working great. If i had started from scratch, including the pump, it would have cost me about $60 to build.