My dog Susie


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My best friend and companion for over fourteen years "Suise-Q-of laughing fish" was her AKC registered name.

Susie died last night, with a smile on her face.

She ate dinner, a bunch of chicken and rice she loved so much and we went to bed.

When I woke up this morning and she was curled up on her blanket, with a smile.

She never once whimpered, or cried, she was a real trooper.
A cancer survivor, a stroke survivor and lived with only one lung for the past three years. Ten years ago we sank a boat full of rock in the Keys, and we swam to shore together, as I was not coming back without my dog.

She was with me on the boat the last time I was diving as she always was.

She is in the backyard now, next to my boat where she always laid,

just to make sure it did not go down the driveway without her.

She went out as she lived, with style.

She was a "one of a kind" of friend.

I will miss her greatly

RIP Susie

Richard :( :( :(


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My condolences

My condolences

I remember at some point reading the story or you and Suise miraculously surviving your boat sinking, and a long and treacherous swim and eventual rescue.

She clearly was an incredible companion.

I had a Husky for thirteen years that was my best friend, problem child, and boon companion.

It's been twenty years since Baron passed and there are times when I still miss him.

Tough times my friend. I wish I knew something to say that could make a difference.



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I always find it hard to find something to say when a best friend passes. I just know that even though they aren't here they are always with you.



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Sorry to hear about Susie. Seems like she had a good life with you Richard. Don't know what I would do without my Cimo by my side even after only a year. ( He's about 8 though) She'll be in my prayers.
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Best of luck to you Richard. I lost my German Shepard of 13 years in February and fortunately with your amazing and tuff work I've had a tank to help keep me busy. I have since gotten Brandi, a beautiful 3 month old lab and Shepard mix. I hope you know Susie is happy now and will one day see you again. She will stay in your heart and look down to keep you safe. Thank you for your help over the years and I morn for your loss as well.


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Sorry to hear about your dog Susie Richard... Its always as bad as loosing a brother, father, mother or anybody else in your family... Im glad to hear that she passed in her sleep with a smile... I guess one couldnt ask for any better way to go.... again sorry for your loss... Altan


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Richard I am so sorry for your loss. It is always hard losing a part of the family which I know Susie was to you. You gave her a wonderful life that most of us can only dream of. It was because of that, she left you with a smile on her face. You have my deepest sympathies.