My Emerald Crab has just killed my Porcelain Crab


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I added 2 weeks ago into my new 13.5G Fluval EVO:
- 01 Emerald Crab
- 01 Pircelain Crab
- 01 Hermit Crab
- 2 Turbo Snails

I have been dropping some soft pellets once a day. Every time my Emerald Crab sees them and go for it. I was having funny moments watching him eating.
During this this last two weeks my Porcelain Crab has grown-up very fast and doing well filtering my tank.

Today out from no where my Emerald Crab killed him. I didn't see how the fight has begun, when I saw it has already pulled out two legs. I only had time to pick up the camera.

Is it common to happen?
Should I return it in order to buy any fish?
Did I do anything wrong? :headwally:





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I have had an aggresive emarald crab that would try and nip at fish swimming by it, and I woke up one morning to it eating my six line wrasse. Then I saw the same guy attack a smaller emarald in my tank then I ended up moving him to the sump. I have read other people having the same issue. Just my experience. I wont buy another.


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Ive heard nothing but bad stories about Emeralds in small tanks, not so much in large tanks. Small hermits are much safer in nano tanks. I have several dwarf blues & reds and a Adult scarlet hermit with zero issues just be certain they are dwarfs is all. I had an Emerald once a REAL bully even when fed well.


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Time for that Emerald crab to hike. To a pond with turtles... and let him see how it feels to be eaten..

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I gave a call to the store where I bought it and told that their web site says:

- Peacefull
- Can tolerante other inhabitants

However, I had just watched a murder. They accepted it back, and I picked up another Porcelain Crab. (I had to pay the difference, of course)

They were very Kind