My Favorite Fish Died


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So I was out of town for two days. I came home and couldn't find my favorite fish in the tank. It was a candy hog wrasse.
Today I found its body on the floor behind the tank. It was hard like a rock. I guess it jumped out, fell on the floor, and the hot weather slowly cooked the poor thing and dehydrated it like dried fruit.

Anyways, it's hard to find these at LFS, so I may have to order one online. I love those guys.





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great fish sorry to hear about the loss. Somewhat common here in orlando. Dont know about out there though


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I've only seen this fish once at the LFS around my area and I ended up buying it.


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Sorry to read about your lost. I am out of town as I write this knowing I have a dead Red Sea Regal Angel waiting on me when I get home.

I had a Peppermint Hog that jumped into the overflow twice. I took it back to the store for a credit before it jumped to it's death and I got nothing.


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I know where you're coming from. I just had a pair of Watanabei Angels (favorite fish), Yellow Candy Hog, Blue Reef Chromis & Lyretail Anthias all die because we had a 12+ hour power failure.

The Yellow Candy Hogs used to be more uncommon, but lately I've seen them alot more. You could try asking your LFS if they can get one in for you. Sorry to hear about your loss.


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was your tank covered?

Fish jump. IME no fish is exempt from this. If you want to keep your fish cover the tank. I was thinking that for these people that like the open top but have known jumpers why not make a rectangle out of PVE that will rest on top of the tank and them make a tight "grid" out of fishing line to keep fish from jumping out but still have that open feel. Might not work just a thought that I had.

BTW sorry about your fish. I hate losing them as well.


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when I read your first line+pic of the fish I knew how it's going to end.
These hog fish do tend to jump more than other hog fish IME.
Sorry about your loss.


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Sorry about your loss!!! It is weird how we get so attached to our fish. My 1 year old lionfish isn't looking to good and it is tearing me up.