My First Mantis....


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Here are some pics of my first mantis. I've been wanting one for a long time. He's in a 6 gallon eclipse....we named him George.

I'm not sure what type he is. The LFS that a fellow reefer got him from sold him as a peacock, but he is much more blue than any peacock I've ever seen. He is blue, green, and his back has reddish-purplish stripes.

Enjoy....and if anyone knows what he is, I'd appreciate the input.

George is alone in the tank....just the substrate and some live rock (mostly tonga branch). Wow....can he generate a lot of volume with his "clicking."

I really hope to get an ID, because the more I read about Mantis, the more I realize that each species is a little different in their requirements and I want to keep him happy!

Thanks for the compliments....I think he's gorgeous, but I'm a little biased...

I'd guess him to be about 3 inches. He hasn't really come all of the way out of the rocks so I'm not sure. I got George, the Eclipse 6, the rock and substrate for $60 from a fellow member of the reef club....I went to his house and siphoned out about 3/4 of the water and brought it all home and siphoned the water back in. It was an easy move and George ate about 30 minutes after getting him home.

I bought him some "mantis snacks" tonight. Some hermit crabs and small snails. I also got a very large Mexican turbo snail. The others can be snacks, but I'm hoping the Mexican turbo is large enough that George will leave the snail alone so the giant snail can keep the acrylic walls cleaned. George is a character with the hermits. He keeps ducking around the rocks trying to get a closer look and has cracked a leg off of one the hermits. He looks more curious than hungry tonight though.

He's a cool looking thing. Hopefully Dr Roy will see this and give you an id.:D