My first reef tank ever...


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Started my first ever reef tank, 75 gallon with bio media filtration sump ( bio balls, volcanic rock (lava rock), etc..)and hang on skimmer (brand/model unknown), have hang on overflow box, and running LED lights ( Aqueon Optibright with moon glow effects), a Eheim Jager 150 watt heater, and a zoo med ps-20 power head... having issues with skimmer but nothing major, advised to remover bio balls from sump if I had intentions of having corals (which I do)... almost to the end of week one and feeling like a fish out of water, bought two damsels to put in tank to make it cycle and both are still alive 4 days later ... 🤦🏻*♀️... deep breaths... knew this was not gonna be easy at first... I got this... yep ok lol, more like its got me, but I am in it for life so one foot in front of the other, big girl panties on, and fingers crossed... DD7E4AD1-C373-4015-A635-DC5507AED05E.jpg





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Looks good I always wondered about lava rocks because they are cheap. I mean hawaii is all lava rock and fish and corals are there

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