My Flame Clam


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Hello everybody. HereÃ"šÃ‚´s my fire flame clam, its ok so far, i bought it about six months ago. IÃ"šÃ‚´ve heard that its quite hardy to keep.


Ohhh boy..... I am going to tag along on this one.....
Just to watch the flames.
umm literally.... :eek2:

That is very pretty. I just love them, but will never buy one. These are one of those items that should probably not be sold in the hobby as they just don't do well at all. Notice how large it is open? This could be a sign that it is not doing well.

Good luck.

Your clam looks very heatly. I have never had trouble keeping them but of course they must be fed if you expect them to thrive since they are not photosynthetic.
I agree, they need to be fed and fed often inorder to survive. I've heard people say they only live for a couple of months in an aquarium but I've had mine since this last febuary and it seems to be doing well. I feed the tank zooplankton, phytoplankton and microvert.
After thinking about it, my first post was probably not appropriate, as I didnââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢t really offer any advice. My apologies

Before I found RC I had two of these. I was able to keep both alive for about 8 months. From researching I have found that to be the "average" survival time.
I fed with Kent Micro-vert, Phytoplex and Marine snow

I must admit they are beautiful.

Make sure you feed him well.
Good luck and keep us posted on the results.

Well i bought it because i knew that it wasnÃ"šÃ‚´t going to live long in hands of inexpert people. They where imported from Cuba (6 clams).

If iÃ"šÃ‚´m not wrong they all died a few weeks later. Mine still lives. I feed them Kent Phyoplex and Micro-vert, i had to bring these foods from Germany. There isnt such type of food here in the Islands and even dificult to find in Spain.

Thank you all.
I have not had any problems with any of my 12 Flame Scallops 125 gal reef or the three that I have in my 18 gal nano.

4 of the 15 have lived for more than 2 years , 8 more than 1 year, and 3 are only about 4 months old.

I have red, orange, white, electric ones.

That's what I've been told, I did not realize that anyone was havving a problem keeping these alive.

Lunchbucket said:
sounds like some good survival rates :rolleye1:


Lunch, I think he was saying that all 15 are still with him and 4 for longer than 2 years. It did almost look like he was saying only 4 out of the 15 had survived 2 years.

Kyle, what's your secret?

Your right all 15 are still with me. No real secret. Just regular feedings. They like dark places, of which I have plenty. I never try to move them once they have taken hold even if I can't see them.

That's about all.
15 still alive :eek2:

That makes sense.
I have heard the worst thing you can do is try and move them around so they look good in the tank. This apparently causes them allot of stress.
Are you feeding anything special?

Gee youââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢re making me want to try one again.


Kyle, what are you feeding them? I've always stayed away from these guys, but I already feed my tank tons of phyto so I may try one in the future.
I feed a mix of DT's, Kent Phyto, Kent ChromaPlex, Kent Miro Vert, Zooplankton, and brine.

Around 380 calcium gives good shell growth.

I also use an minimum iodine and iodide supliment to help them keep their color.