My friend J's tank


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My friend J has a 65 that I help set up approx 1 yr ago. I was just at he and his wifes over the weekend. And of course I was curious about his tank. His tang started acting funny and died as well as his m/f clown. The tank has brown algea everywhere. He has is LFS guy taking care of the tank, doing the water changes and testing the water. My ? is, does anyone have any idea why his tank would crash like that after doing well for so long? This was all after his LFS guy told him that all of the test came out good and he has no clue why his tank crashed. Need some serious help here folks!


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Just because the water parameters are good doesn't mean that the fish didn't have some sort of disease/infection/parasite. Were fish properly quarantined? Tank crashes are usually associated with coral death also, did this happen? What is the source water? Algae is almost always caused by nutrient issues.