My Geo Calcium reactor is LEAKING. Help!!!


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Hey there. I got my Geo reactor from you guys probably about 2 years ago now. Recently its been leaking (looks like around the rubber gasket) Why is it doing this? Do the gaskets go bad? I tried getting some sylicone and putting a little bit in the grove that the gasket fits in and it really didn't do anything to keep it from leaking. I don't know what else to do. FWIW the feed line to my reactor is plumbed into my return. Ive got the plastic screws cranked down pretty good. I'm afraid to tighten them any more for fear they will break.

Can you guys help me out please?

Hey Chris,

Two things....

1. Put a little inline ball valve from your return pump feed to the reactor, and crank it down just a little bit. This will keep the reactor from getting too pressurized, and cut down a little on the potential of a leak.

2. Take the lid off and completely clean all of the acrylic and o-ring really well. Make sure there is no media or debris up there that would cause the lid from sealing properly. After this check the o-ring/gasket really well for any tiny little tears or where it could have been pinched, etc. Then take some vaseline and lube the entire o-ring before seating it back in.

If this does not work let me know.

I've also seen the lid be tightened too much and that causes the leaking. The reactor lid is only supposed to be scewed down to finger tight. If you over tighten it, it doesn't seal properly and that can cause leaking. HTH
Hi Jeremy and Jay,

I have already put the ball valve inline and turned down the pressure in the reactor and that really didn't help any.

I know I have the lid on there pretty tight. I made sure that they are evenly tightened.

I will take the lid off again and make sure its very clean and put a little vasaline on the seal before putting the lid back on. I sure hope that fixes it. I'm just glad I've been working from home lately. I will say that its just slightly leaking. Maybe 10 drops / day.

Thanks guys.

Well I went to get some Vaseline. I took the lid off again and made sure everything is clean. I added the Vaseline and it still leaked a little bit. I turned off the ball valve and cranked down the nuts in the area where it was leaking a little more and turned on the flow again. So far it seams to be holding. I wont be able to check it again until Friday since I'm going back out on the road. I'm crossing my fingers.

Thanks for your help. If this does not take care of my leaking issue what's the next step? You can PM me if you want.

OK guys.. Well I lucked out and got to stay home today. When I woke this morning I checked my reactor for leaks and its dry as a bone. Whew!!! Thanks for your help.