My lawnmower blenny thinks hes a clown.


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About two months ago I got a lawnmower blenny. As soon as he got accustomed to the tank he immedatley attatched himself to my pair of clowns. He swims with them all day, they sleep together at night rubbing up the each other. They have never been aggresive towards one another at all. They act like three friends just hangin out. But the wierdest part is that he loves eating their poop as soon as its in the water he chomps down on it. What gives? Is this normal for a blenny?


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my starry blenny and my clowns would snuggle at night every once in a while in the top corner of my tank. my clowns saw him as a sort of protector since he was so big. normally when a dog eats his own crap, it means hes not being fed enough or the propper nutrion but thats a dog, idk why a fish would do that


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There is no way he is not fed enough. I fed him twice a day and it usually consists of pellets, flakes, meat cubes, mysis, and on top of all that he just eats whatever he sees.


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blenny are a curious fish and I have noticed My bi-color blenny perches up with my flame hawkfish. There pales, love chillin together.


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While there is a tendency to assign anthropomorphic behavior to fish, it is not really the case. While there is no emotional bond, but there is value obtained from the relationship be it protection, feeding, or whatever.

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Even though I'm sure snorvich is right, I don't know that we can prove the lack of an emotional bond. I say think of it as snuggling if you like. You could be right. I have read that fish appreciate physical contact generally and that that contributes to their desire to avail themselves of cleaning (Knop).