My LED actinic supplement components are on the way.... (semi-ghetto)


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Alright, I decided 6 months ago that I wanted to go with some LED supplements over my 25g. My PAR output on the 4X24 Nova Extreme (with the cheezy reflector) isn't as nice as I'd like, and now that I have fuzzy mushrooms trumpeting upward for the light (with 5 month old ATI and KZ bulbs) I decided it's time to order some supplements.

Eventually I'll just bring the whole setup to a total of two drivers and 26 LED's and just remove the T5's altogether or keep one T5 for a 420nm actinic bulb.

I have on the way:

Driver--- Meanwell ELN 60-48D

8 Cree XRE royal blues (will later add 5 whites, for a total of 13).

Berquist thermal pads....

I'm doing this on a tight budget, lol, which is why I couldn't order all 13 LED's ($35 more), but I just got tired of waiting.

I already have the heatsinks and the components for the dimmer on the Meanwell, which requires 10v input and a potentiometer. Dimmable actinics should very helpful here. The heatsinks are literally cutoffs from that I got for a VERY nice price.

I'll be sure to post pics as things come together. It will be unfortunately slow, as I have finals going on right now for end-of-the-semester crunch time.