my lfs told me cherub angels were reef safe!


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I bought a cherub angel for my reef because the lfs told me it was reef safe. It was for about a month but recently i noticed my corals closed up and soon enough i found that it was because my dwarf angel had been nipping at them! unbeleivable.....well i decided the angel has to go even though i was getting attached to him but the candy cane coral, crocea clam and anemone dont like being dinner so someone has to go. the trouble is that i can NOT catch the dang thing. anyone got any ideas on how to trap a fish in a tank that has a bunch of live rock hiding places? need help soon before its too late!
You gambled and lost.
There are a number of ways to trap fish, but angels are smart little bastards so it will take some work. There are manufactured fish traps and many DIY techniqes usually involving a jar and food for bait.
see if anyone in your local club has an aquamedic fish trap you can borrow. They work like a charm but you do have to be patient. My pygmies took 4 days to get out.
Do you feed him frozen foods?
I feed my fish frozen food from a net that I rinse under tap water.
and they are so conditioned to net that they will actually swim right into the net for mysis shrimp. It has worked a couple of times in the past for me.
Great! That bait-in-a-jar trick worked. I used a smaller jar so that the bigger fish couldnt get in. I placed a plastic cube with nori rubberbanded on it and in the bottom of the jar. The sohal tang would peck at the jar but did not try to go into it. The yellow tang was not so bright and got into the jar and couldnt find its way out for a minute. It looked like he was banging his snout against the jar pretty hard but he finally got out ok. Right, the angel was a little bit smarter at first and stayed away so i didnt think i would be able to get him to fall for the trap the first day. I walked away and when i came back he was stuck in the jar! I grabbed the first thing i could see (which happened to be my long handled algae scraper) and tried to block the angel from escaping. I reached down inside the tank and dang near dropped the jar onto the LR because I was so anxious and moved the angel to the sump. Now i need to find this guy a home. He will be missed that charachter. Anyone wana buy an angel?
Oh thanks for the other tips all good ideas!