My modded BC29 (drilled back, closed loop)


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I have finished the mods to my new BC29 and here they are.


I cut out the return that they had and added a second return. I placed a 1/2" bulkhead in the holes (threaded on each side) attached loc-line to the front and a 90 barbed 1/2" fitting to the back of each.

The one on the left will be the return from the sump of my large system on the other side of the wall, the one on the right is like a closed loop.


here you can see the Maxi-jet 900 that will supply the "closed loop" on the right.


And here you can see the overflow going through the back panel glass. I used a 1" bulkhead (threaded on each side) in the tank I have a threaded 90 street elbow with a strainer on the out side I have the modified durso overflow. Works great, have one on my custom 18 cube on the main system for years now.

There it is. I should be getting about 460 GPH flow in the cube.
230 form the MJ 900 and about the same from the Quiet One 1200 that will be pumping from the sump to the cube.

about 15x flow, should work nice!

Oh it will be lit by a Viper 70 watt, it will be open top. SWEET!


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Could you post details about how you drilled it? What type of bit etc. I have a BC 29 and would like to mod it to drain into a fug, but am nervous to drain the tank, also it is established already so that adds to the complication, can you drain some water and then drill the back panel? Or would that put glass shards into the tank?


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I am going to stock it with lower light requiring soft corals. I am hoping that I will be able to get away with the 70 watt, if not, I can always upgrade later :)


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=10428821#post10428821 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by WarDaddy
I am going to stock it with lower light requiring soft corals. I am hoping that I will be able to get away with the 70 watt, if not, I can always upgrade later :)
Hey, it's looking good, I'm liking all the mods and the way your tying it into your whole system. So welcome to the world of nano reefs even if you are kinda cheating;) . Come on low light schmolight just put a 150 or 175 over it already!:D


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If I were going sps, yea, lots of light...been there done that.

on my 120 I only have 2 175's you think on my 30 I am going to have 150... come on now :)

my 18 has 70, and I love it, so I will see how it works on the 29 and go from there :)

Thanks for the compliments.


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For glass cutting I use my dremel and 7134 diamond coated bit.

I use a sharpie to outline my cut put water on the glass and then slowly cut through the glass. I cut all the way through making a hole. Once I have a hole I make a small sawing motion moving the bit up and down. I always make sure there is water where I am cutting. It takes about 5 minutes for me now. I can get maybe 2 holes per bit.

I have cut lots of holes, none are prefect, but the bulkheads seal them tight and they work perfectly.

Go slow and use lots of water. I also use the same bit to cut the holes in the plastic for the locline bulkheads.


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I got the tank plumbed up today...

here is a cloudy pic...


and the plumbing through the wall...


the stand on the other side of the wall is a mess, so once I get it cleaned up I will post more pics.

the water is clear and pretty now :)


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here are 2 pics of the sump side of the stand.

there is a 120 gallon tank above the sump, to the left on the back is an 18 gallon refuge and the the left in front is an 18 gallon cure that is used for 2 BTA and clowns. (nemo tank)


this shot shows the power strip on the top, used for items that are not controlled, skimmer, Oceans Motions(120 system), etc. you can see the AC3, and my tunze controllers for the 120.


This image is the overflow to the sump (left) from the BC29. you can see the 1/2" black tube that is the return to the cube.

The cube needs more flow. I am thinking of a couple small power heads, controlled by the AC3 for some additional flow and some random flow.


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very nice...

as for glass in the tank you dont have to worry about it...the silica dust produced when grinding/ drilling glass is essentially sand...but be forwarned drilling a filled tank is an accident waiting to happen...use it as your very last and only option...(on a side note i drilled for a 1.5" bulkhead in to a running filled tank without problems.)