MY mom Big Present..DwArF tank..take a look


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ok so here it is.. u may reamber it from a post i made a while back while the tank was cycling its a 3g pico...and ppl told me to move the rock around so there wasnt any "dead" spots, and more room:rollface: for the seahorses, so... here it is...=)

..tell me what u think

so i have the 2 bbs hatcherys( the soda bottle kind with the black base at the 2 enough)? and 8 bags of bbs and 1 vile of bbs as well as the gut loading stuff..

O yes the flow about the flow...i have 2 filters and 1 is the stock pico filter and it gives about 40gp of flow and the azoo as well, is that to mutch...

the ammonia in the tank is 0ppm its been cycling for about 5-6 weeks
is that how u can tell if the tank is finished cycling?

im soooooOOOooOO happy about moms gunna love it..ive read about the tiny little thing for about 6months now and have gottn a lot of info here. Now i guess this is the final test to c if u like it..while tell me what u think =)..thanx for your time and help , 3fins