my new 42gallon tank


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Hi all i'm after a bit of guidance while setting my new tank up. I'm fairly new to all this but have had a nano for nearly a year.
i think i know what im gonna do with my sump regarding chemical, biological and mechanical filtration and i have bought a skimmer.

I plan on building a durso standpipe and have been told that it should be 1 1/4 inch reduced down to inch through the bulkhead (drain) and the return being inch as well.
Just wondering a) if this sounds right and (b) what sort of return pump i should be getting.
I have no idea what sort of flow/ powerheads i should be looking at getting either.
The hood i will make myself and will prob use LEDs and a 150w halide, i only intend keeping some soffties and a nem.

Any advice is much appreciated

Jim :confused:


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The durso setup sounds correct. You only need 3/4" for a return though. Eheim 1250 would be good for that setup. A couple Hydor K2's or Maxijet 1200's would be good for flow.


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plumbing sounds right sizes. get the bigger pump to increase turnover. powerheads from ebay nockoff korilia for $20.


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Thanks guys.
would it make much difference to noise or levels if i have a 1'' return its just that i have 2x1" bulkheads not the end of the world if i have to buy more as i get most things trade price(joys of working on building sites) bought some containers that i'm gonna start turning into my sump. will get some pics on here when there is something worth showing.



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The tank will be about 16" deep, will one 150 halide provide enough light for this depth if run with a strip of LED? am trying to avoid T5 or other tube lighting as its quite bulky and not as cheap to run(as the LED's) What is everyones opinion on LED's are they worth bothering with? Just built my sump gonna water test it 2morro... not to confident as its a right mess.

Cheers Jim