My new aquascaping


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btw, whats the easiest way to mount frags of coral? My lfs has those little peg looking pieces and are easy to epoxy to the rock if u have a nice crevice or drill out a hole for em. Problem is u cant tear yer rock apart everytime u buy a frag to drill holes for it. Plus the epoxy sux to use, always have a hard time getting it to stick...anything else out there i should look for to make coral attachment easier?



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Lots of people use gel super glue. Make sure it's gel! And as far as the peg, i clip that part off with cutting pliers. then just glue down the flat disk.
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lol, yeah im pretty sure its safe. Most of it interlocked very well, i always do the try to wiggle it test after i put every rock on top of one another. Some of the more topple prone pieces were epoxyed.


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Looks good. I hope it's stable;)

Superglue gel works well... But I still wind up with problem corals from time to time;)


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It looks good but my advice is go to a LFS find rubble pieces of dead rock ( or liverock) and put them in between the rocks and some of the gaps it will make it looks nicer and more natural.


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Clean tank and nice aquascape!

about the frag plugs, as mentioned above you can cut off that protruding piece, but me personally I remove the entire plug because it looks unnatural. I glue the coral itself to my rockwork.


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wow, now that does look great, quite a way to stack the rocks, it just seems they will fall any sec, but they dont